Power and Pop Culture is an accessible, bitesize look at the power dynamics of pop culture.

It’s a publication for people who want a better* media industry.

At a reading, looking slightly unhinged.

It’s run by me, Eliz Mizon (hello) a UK-based writer, media critic, and documentary nerd. As well as writing this sentence, I’ve written about things like:

*Better media industry means:

  • independent regulation of news, and big tech platforms as public forums (i.e. ensuring data privacy, accountability, curbing misinformation, etc.)

  • funding models that improve the representation and quality of news, and ensure greater coverage of public interest stories and investigations

  • improved rights and contracts for workers across journalism/TV/film/publishing/tech etc.

  • diverse leadership, hiring, funding, and coverage

  • an end to press intrusion into people’s private lives and to racist/misogynistic/xenophobic/classist and other oppressive rhetoric

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Eliz Mizon
Writer: Media/Politics (Netflix, Novara, Film International, The Quietus) Editor of Chompsky: Power and Pop Culture