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The Daniel Morgan murder report shows evidence of corruption between police and Murdoch reporters. We are demanding the Tories reinstate the inquiry they cancelled.

If you want to contribute to ending institutional corruption in the UK, you can! For only the amount of time it takes to press the button below and sign your name.

  • Have you heard about the Daniel Morgan murder?

  • Have you heard about ‘Leveson 2’?

  • Did you know that the government cancelled a half-finished inquiry into police and press corruption back in 2018?

If not, take a few minutes out of your day to read on, sign an open letter demanding the inquiry be reinstated, and help us take a key step towards justice.

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Last week, the long-awaited independent panel investigation into Daniel Morgan’s murder revealed specifics that showed the ways in which the UK tabloid press and the police have worked together to obstruct justice.

Daniel Morgan’s brother Alastair, HackedOff, and a team of media campaigners are asking the public to sign an open letter to the Home Secretary demanding that the government reinstates the second part of the Leveson Inquiry, ‘Leveson 2’, into police and press corruption.


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