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Power and Pop Culture
Power and Pop Culture
Bitesize analysis of the power dynamics of the media industry.
Resources & Activism
The aggregator for independent news, video and podcasts.
Make sure your activism is Having An Effect
I write the MRC blog every Friday!
A Campaign For A Free And Accountable Press
Accessible articles written by academics.
Philosopher, author of Elite Capture: How the Powerful Took Over Identity Politics (and Everything Else)
Professor of Sociology and award-winning journalist
Anti-corporate pranksters, activists, and documentarians
Filmmaker and tabloid-journalist-turned-whistleblower
Labour reporter and author of Work Won't Love You Back
Co-founder of The Bristol Cable
Media critic and host of The Paper Thing
TV producer, mental health activist and founder of The TV Mindset
Jacobin's film critic and host of Filmsuck podcast
Badass activist pensioners/YouTubers

Power and Pop Culture